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House Inspections in Melbourne

The decision to sell or purchase a home is important. For many sellers, they’ve been living in the property for many years, and have raised a family and made memories there. For potential buyers, they’re looking for a place they feel truly comfortable – not to mention, a piece of real estate that’s going to represent a good investment for years to come. That’s why it’s critical that the decision to make an offer on a house is well-informed, not just driven by emotion and a great sales pitch. How better to proceed than with accurate and reliable information about the property in question?! Our property inspections for Melbourne listings are a great way to get to the hidden details you normally wouldn’t uncover until they became noticeable problems. Building inspections go beyond the obvious, focusing on hidden defects that may be costly if un-detected. Carried out by an independent building inspector with extensive engineering experience, our services are comprehensive and guaranteed to give you the insight you deserve.

Our services

Same-Day Reports. Reports are completed on-site and presented to clients at the completion of all house inspections. If you require further information we are happy go over the report to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the inspection findings. We are available for follow-up telephone consultations after all property inspections, at no extra cost to the client. All types of homes inspected. We cover all types of dwellings from houses to units, flats and apartments. All suburbs of Melbourne. We offer home inspections Melbourne wide, including the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland and surrounding suburbs. Browse our services in depth via the left hand menu. To discuss your needs with an independent building inspector, call 0488 339 686.

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We offer a range of services including a number of different types of  inspection reports

– such as:

  • Pre – Purchase Building inspections
  • Pre – Listing inspections
  • Handover reports
  • Timber pest inspections
  • Special Purpose including crack monitoring, foundation problems and geotechnical testing
  • Structural integrity report and rectification recommendations
  • Dilapidation reports


Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

These inspections are conducted for people wanting an indication of a properties condition prior to purchase to ensure there are no hidden problems or major issues that may cost them money at a later date.


Pest Inspections

Termite and timber pest inspections can be combined with pre-purchase inspections and a discount offered. Pest inspections can be carried out if a client suspects they may have termites or Borers in their house or property.


Handover reports

Handover Reports can be conducted prior to tenants vacating a rental property or taking up a new lease. These are usually conducted by estate agents that manage the properties however we can provide this service also.

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation reports are conducted to document the current condition of a property for example prior to construction commencing on a neighboring property.  We will report on the conditions of the adjacent property to ensure that any damage as a result of the construction activities are corrected or compensation paid.

More about dilapidation reports

Vendor Inspections

These pre-listing inspections are commissioned by the seller to give peace of mind to the potential buyers.

Special Purpose Reports

We provide a number of different Special Purpose Reports including:-

  • Crack monitoring
  • Foundation problems and geotechnical testing
  • Structural integrity report and rectification recommendations
  • Roof inspections

Quality of tradesman’s work

A special purpose report may be completed if someone has a concern about the quality of work that has been completed by a tradesman. We can review the works and offer suggestions to rectify the problems. For example, if the concrete slab in a garage is cracking excessively, we can investigate the cause of the cracks and whether the slab was built correctly; or if a roof is leaking, we can investigate the cause of the leak and provide a recommendation.

About our Special Purpose Reports

These reports are for particular areas of a property, for example a current owner has noticed a wall start to crack we can investigate the cause of the cracks and recommend a possible solution to the problems. The investigation may include monitoring the cracks to determine the rate of movement and direction. Geotechnical testing may also be carried out where we will expose the footing and gather soil samples to determine if the cause of the cracking is related to the footing depth or soil structure.  The soil structure is usually too wet because of a leaking down-pipe or poor drainage.  In the instance where there are highly reactive clay soils, the soil structure can shrink in dry periods and expand in wet or moist conditions, causing movement of footings.

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