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Last modified on March 6th, 2024

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Pakenham Building Inspections are a necessary part of any home purchase.

At Casey Building Inspections, we conduct professional building and pest inspection in Pakenham within 24 hours. We have the practical experience, resources and knowledge to complete the inspection and document it in a clear and concise manner. Our inspection strategies fully comply with the Australian Standards.

If you need a quick Building Inspection Services Melbourne and building inspection in Pakenham, you can rely on us for our quick turnaround time and attention to detail so that you can make the crucial purchasing decision. We make sure to complete the inspection on time, this way you can have your building inspection reports and plan your next move carefully.

Roof Leaking Through The Hole For The Antenna

This photo was taken during a recent building inspection in Pakenham. The tv antenna support post is attached to the internal roof beams, and is not sealed correctly around the roof tiles. During periods of rainfall, water had been leaking through the roof and running down the support post into the ceiling. The owners in an attempt to conceal the problem had wrapped an old rag around the post to stop the water from dripping onto the plaster sheets. In this instance, there was no evidence of the problem visible when viewed from the kitchen. During the drier months, this could go undetected for quite some time.
Roof Leaking Through The Hole For The Antenna

Defects like these can have a serious effect not to mention is also a serious safety hazard and are not readily visible during an open inspection. A period of heavy rainfall will cause serious damage to the plaster sheets and cause sections of the ceiling to collapse.

To avoid future expensive repairs and maintenance, you need a thorough building and pest inspection in Pakenham. Give us a call on 0488 339 686 to book your appointment.

Need to organise a pre purchase property inspection?

We offer the most comprehensive reports at the most competitive price conducted by a Qualified Engineer.

For a complete pre purchase building inspection in Pakenham, contact us at Casey Building Inspections, it may just be the best call you ever make.


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