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Last modified on March 6th, 2024

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Building inspector  Mount Martha. Worried about pest infestation or cracked ceilings? At Casey Building Inspections, we offer building and pest inspections in Mount Martha and the surrounding suburbs. We assist our clients to find out about any existing or potential damages that go unseen. If you’re interested in purchasing a new home or property for your family, choose our building inspection services in Mount Martha.

Our licensed and qualified building inspectors and engineer utilise state-of-the-art technology to detect pests and other signs of damage. We look through the ceilings, floors, roofing systems and walls to be 100% sure that your new property is safe and free of defects.

An essential part of our Building Inspections in Mount Martha is our well-written and detailed reports highlighting the primary areas of concern and safety hazards. From timber pest attacks to a leaky roof, our report contains all the information you need to make an informed decision. We ensure the inspection is done thoroughly, we examine every aspect of the property and provide detailed same day reports

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The post supports for this deck at Mount Martha have collapsed completely no longer providing the required support. The posts that are still in position have all rotted at the base despite being treated, this major defect may cause the collapse of the deck. This is also a major safety issue although the deck is close to the ground collapse could cause injury to anybody on the deck at the time. Re-stumping is required but given the age of the other components, it would be best to demolish the deck and rebuild it.
Loose Piers Under A Deck

Such safety issues are quite common and lead to expensive repairs and renovations. We at Casey Building Inspections specialise in providing comprehensive building inspections across Mount Martha.

For a complete pre purchase building inspection contact us at Casey Building Inspections it may just be the best call you ever make.


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