Property Inspections in The Basin

Make your property investment with confidence by calling on Casey Building Inspections for expert property inspections in The Basin. We’re a trusted choice for careful and comprehensive property checks, dilapidation reports and other special-purpose reports at competitive prices.

There are many reasons why people choose us for general and pre-purchase inspections. These include:

To Check for Termite Activity

It’s well known that tiny termites can wreak absolute havoc on a home, costing you financially and putting your family at risk from the safety hazards of damaged timber. Our pest inspections use the latest technology to detect termites and other wood-boring insects on your property. These inspections include full site assessments, with same-day reporting on our findings – including on termite activity, rot or fungal decay, any safety hazards that have resulted from damage to timber, and recommendations on the best course of action to take.

To Make an Informed Property Investment

Our pre-purchase property inspections in The Basin inform potential buyers of any existing or potential problems with the home they are considering. These are carried out by qualified inspectors and are conducted in line with Australian Standards.

Our pre-purchase inspections include:

  • A thorough building inspection
  • Detection of any major defects and safety hazards
  • Recommendations on how to rectify these issues
  • Photographs and clear descriptions of any defects

For further details on our services for dilapidation reports, pest inspections and pre-purchase inspections in The Basin, please call us on 0488 339 686.

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