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IMG_4917 Building Safety Defects in Langwarrin.

Part of any building inspection is to report on any current or potential a safety defects these can be in a number of forms. It may be as a result of the construction methods used which do not comply with the current standards, we often see safety hazards with elevated structures such as decks and balconies. Railings should be securely fixed and have the minimum required spacings between balustrade posts to prevent young children from crawling over the edge.

Elevated balconies, decks stairs landings etc internal or external in excess of 1m are required to have safety railing that have a balustrade gap no greater than 125 mm.  Age and timber decay can also be of a major concern as outside balconies and decks that are exposed to the elements require constant maintenance and should be inspected regularly to avoid a potentially unsafe conditions. Avoiding timber posts having contact with the ground is one of the best ways to protect timber posts from rot as posts will generally rot below the ground level where there is constant moisture.

The framing timbers for this balcony during this recent Building Inspection in Langwarren have extensive decay and the fixtures for the railing are no longer secure.

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