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Would you ever purchase a used car without taking it for a test drive first to see how well it performed? It’s only natural to want to try before you buy to make sure everything is perfect before you commit to a purchase. So when it comes to making what will be one of the biggest purchases of your life – a house – you shouldn’t sign any contracts until you’ve requested an independent pre purchase termite inspection. Whether you’re buying an established home as an investment property or a newly built house that will become the family home, here are some reasons why you need a pre purchase pest inspection before you consider signing any contracts.

What Does a Pest Inspection Reveal?

A comprehensive pest inspection undertaken by an independent body – one with no association with the vendor, buyer or the real estate agent – will detect the presence of termites and other pests in and around the property. It will show if there are any signs of termites in walls, floorboards or elsewhere inside the house. It will also indicate the extent of termite structural damage inside the walls and roof, and whether floor joists have succumbed to termite damage.You’ll also be made aware of any evidence of termites in trees on the property that have the potential to cause damage. The inspection isn’t just restricted to termites, however; though they can be the most destructive, the inspection will also reveal signs of other pests such as rodents, wasps and spiders, among many others.

The other side of course is that a pre purchase termite inspection might just reveal that there are no signs of termites in floorboards orin the house, and in fact no signs of termites or pests of any kind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that any termite damage identification issues are of no concern is worth the pre purchase building inspection cost.

What Does a Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Involve?

When it comes to independent inspections for termites and other pests on your property, Casey Building Inspections is all about being thorough. We don’t just detect evidence of termites inside your house – we also look in your back and front yard, as well as other immediate surrounding areas. We assess the entire grounds, from the drainage and driveway through to retaining walls, railings and everywhere in between. The ideal conditions for termites involve moisture, wood and plant life, so it makes sense that they’d feel right at home in your garden. We also check all structural elements of your property, including the foundations, the walls, the roof, and outdoor extensions and additions like the patio and garage.

All inspections involve a comprehensive assessment of the exterior of your property. We inspect the site, trees, retaining walls, fences, and many other elements. When investigating for signs of termites inside the house,we examine the roof void, walls, floors, stairs, sub floor, all rooms and more.

Upon completion of the inspection, we’ll provide you with a same-day report that outlines the condition of the property in detail.

What Happens if I Forego a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

For your sake, we hope you don’t, but the big risk of not putting your potential dream home through a pre purchase pest inspection is that you won’t find out until it’s too late that the property is suffering from significant termite structural damage that can potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair. Not only would the likely financial cost of repairing any damage outweigh the initial pre purchase building inspection cost, but the process of termite damage identification could deem the property too structurally unsafe to live in. Mice and rats could also eat through the electrical wiring in the walls, which could lead to fire and other life-threatening property issues. By ignoring the call for an inspection, you’re also less likely to identify any minor issues with the property that could be used to negotiate a drop in the buying price. It might not be a big drop, but every bit counts.

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