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Last modified on November 30th, 2023

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Property Inspections in Clyde

There are few investments more significant and more rewarding than property, which is why it’s crucial to ensure any property you’re looking to purchase is up to the standard you expect. The team at Casey Building Inspections can provide excellent property inspections in Clyde, including Clyde North, that are comprehensive and carried out by a highly trained inspector.

Whether you need pre-listing or pre-purchase inspections, our goal is to help buyers and sellers feel empowered by being aware of defects that need addressing. The aim of our property inspections is to put buyers in a position from which they can negotiate lower purchase prices and put sellers in a position from which their sale can proceed smoothly.

Detailed Reports and Fair Charges

From dilapidation reports through to pest inspections, our objective is to identify all defects in your property and recommend suitable solutions. The size of the property and the number of problems will determine the time needed to conduct a thorough report, but you can rest assured that Casey Building Inspections charges a fixed fee that doesn’t increase by the hour.

Once the property inspection is complete, we’ll provide a detailed report containing relevant information. These reports are formulated on-site and supplied on the same day, featuring full descriptions and coloured photographs that are formatted in an easily-to-understand way.

The Very Best Inspections

You can rely on Casey Building Inspections to provide you comprehensive property inspections in Clyde Call us on 0488 339 686 or email us or inquire online today.


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