Property Inspections in Highett

Investing in property is often the biggest financial decision a person will make in their lifetime, so you certainly don’t want to leave anything to chance and discover problems and defects when it’s too late. Pre-purchase inspections are the best way to guarantee you are not to going to encounter any nasty surprises.

Casey Building Inspections offers comprehensive property inspections in Highett that are carried out by a qualified inspector. Our pre-purchase inspections will uncover any defects or problems the property may have, putting you in an excellent position from which you can negotiate a fairer sale price or arrange for the problems to be taken care of by the current owner before purchase.

Comprehensive Reports

Following the property’s thorough scrutiny, you will be presented with a report that includes an easy-to-read description of the inspection as well as colour photographs. Our detailed building inspections, pest inspections and dilapidation reports detail exactly what problems may exist, with our reports documenting in detail every aspect of the inspection.

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