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Buying and selling homes comes with significant financial and emotional implications. Both are high-stakes endeavours whereby buyers and sellers make crucial yet delicate decisions. Our house inspection services in Melbourne will be your guide in formulating well-informed choices.

Casey Building Inspections’ house and building inspection services serve as a cornerstone, helping you navigate the complexities of property transactions. By prioritising transparency and quality, we empower buyers to invest with confidence and sellers to present their properties in the best possible light. With Casey Building Inspections, you’re not just buying or selling a house; you’re making the most of your financial ventures.

House and Building Inspections Designed for the Melbourne Market

Melbourne’s property landscape is diverse, from historic homes to modern marvels. It’s also sprawling with investment opportunities spanning residential and commercial properties. With such variety, the importance of a reliable and professional inspection service cannot be overstated.

Casey Building Inspections specialises in house and building inspections in Melbourne, catering to the unique demands of the local property market. Whether you’re a buyer seeking assurance or a seller aiming to enhance marketability, our services offer valuable insights.

As professional building inspectors in Melbourne, we act as your trusted ally. We understand that purchasing or selling a Melbourne home can be overwhelming, as it’s one of the most significant transactions in one’s lifetime. For that reason, we keep our approach unwaveringly professional and precise. You can expect our house inspections to provide pinpoint reports on a property’s structural integrity, safety compliance, and potential issues.

Our Comprehensive List of Property Inspection Services:


    Pre-purchase Building Inspections

    Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, our pre-purchase inspections provide a detailed understanding of a property’s condition. Our house inspection services will uncover potential issues before they become your responsibility.

    Pre-listing Inspections

    Sellers benefit from our pre-listing inspections by proactively identifying and addressing issues that could affect the sale. This property inspection service will enhance listing marketability and instill confidence in potential buyers.

    Pre-handover Inspections and Reports

    Our house inspections in Melbourne also cover the evaluation of newly constructed homes. Our pre-handover inspections ensure that the property meets the required standards and is free from defects before you take possession.

    Timber Pest Inspections

    Pests can silently wreak havoc on your property. Our timber pest inspections use cutting-edge technology to detect and address any pest-related issues, preserving the integrity of your investment.

    Special-Purpose Reports

    We go beyond standard inspections to offer specialised reports, such as the 137b owner builders report. From crack monitoring to foundation problems and geotechnical testing, we provide in-depth insights into specific property concerns. The extensive service coverage of our house and building inspections in Melbourne sets us miles apart from competitors. 

    Dilapidation Reports

    Before embarking on construction or demolition work, our dilapidation reports serve as a baseline reference for neighbouring properties. They ensure transparency and accountability, protecting all parties involved.

    At Casey Building Inspections, we aim to deliver thorough, professional, and approachable house-building inspections in Melbourne, ensuring your property transactions are as seamless as possible. We are here to safeguard your investments and guide you in making practical choices.

    Property Inspection Service Customised to Your Needs

    Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just being fast and reliable. We tailor our Melbourne house and building inspections to each client’s unique needs. A one-size-fits-all approach will not suffice amid real estate intricacies.

    Casey Building Inspections can adapt and personalise our property inspection service to meet your requirements. We invest time and energy to understand your objectives and determine the best ways to deliver outstanding results. Feel free to ask our team members about new home stage inspections, rental minimum standards, and other relevant real estate concerns.

    Premier Melbourne House Inspections 

    Casey Building Inspections’ commitment to top-tier quality is constant, regardless of your property’s size or scale. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cosy flat or an expansive mansion. We perform our Melbourne house inspections with the same level of professionalism and thoroughness, ensuring that you receive nothing short of the highest-quality service.

    Our mission throughout the inspection process is clear: to provide honest and accurate feedback. We leave no stone unturned in evaluating a property’s dimensions and possible structural problems. 

    Never compromise on the quality of house inspection services. Get your comprehensive property inspection report today! If you urgently need professionals to check on your property, our team can deliver a one-day turnaround. You can call us at 0488 339 686 for a free quote.

    Pre Purchase Building Inspections

    These inspections are conducted for anyone wanting an indication of a property’s condition prior to purchase. Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re looking to participate in house auctions, our home inspections in Melbourne can help ensure there are no hidden problems or major issues that may cost you money at a later date. Each inspection is carefully carried out by our experienced building inspectors who offer a quick turnaround and deliver clear and precise reports.

    Pest Inspections

    Pest inspections can be carried out if a client suspects they may have termites or borers at their property. Termite and timber pest inspections can be combined with pre purchase inspections and a discount offered.

    Property Handover Reports

    Our new home inspections are carried out on new builds before making the final payment to the Builder, no matter how much you trust the builder. Having a final inspection ensures that all defects are rectified and completed prior to you moving in.

    Dilapidation Reports

    Dilapidation reports are conducted to document the current condition of a property prior to construction commencing on a neighbouring property. We follow a comprehensive dilapidation report template that helps ensure any damage to neighbouring properties as a result of construction activities is corrected and compensation paid.

    Our reports are very thorough and contain all the essential information gathered by us during the new house inspections. We strive to provide exceptional customer services regardless of the property type and timeline.


    Vendor Inspections

    These pre-listing inspections are commissioned by the seller to give peace of mind to the potential buyers.

    Special-Purpose Reports

    Our special-purpose property reports can include:

    • Crack monitoring
    • Foundation problems and geotechnical testing
    • Roof inspections
    • Wall cracking
    • Uneven floors

    These reports are for particular areas of the property; for example, if a current owner has noticed a wall is starting to crack, we can investigate the cause and recommend a possible solution. The home inspections in Melbourne may include monitoring the cracks to determine the rate of movement and direction. Geotechnical testing may also be carried out, which will involve exposing the footing and gathering soil samples to determine if the cause of the cracking is related to the footing depth or soil structure.

    Quality of Tradesman’s Work

    A special-purpose property report may be completed if someone has a concern about the quality of work that has been completed by a tradesman. We can review the works and offer suggestions to rectify the problems. For example, if the concrete slab in a garage is cracking excessively, our new home building inspector in Melbourne will investigate the cause of the cracks and whether the slab was built correctly, or if a roof is leaking, we can investigate the cause of the leak and provide a recommendation.


    Q - What is a home inspection?

    A – A home inspection is an in-depth examination of the condition of a property using several types of technology, well-tested tools, and a structured procedure. It should involve a house inspection conducted by an expert team.

    Q - How much time does it take to inspect a house?

    A – A typical residential flat or a home inspection takes about two to three hours. However, it can be longer for older or larger houses depending on the layout, accessibility, furnishings, etc.

    Q - When will the inspection report be available?

    A – We will send a draft of the inspection report for reading within 48-72 hours of the new house inspection. We will let you know if there is a delay. Drafts don’t mean the document is incomplete; it is being shared for a customer review to clarify construction terms.

    As soon as the report is finished, the draft watermark goes away, and customers can review it anytime from their cloud account.

    Q - Why do home buyers need a home inspection?

    A – During a home inspection, major repairs or builder oversight may be discovered, as well as the need for maintenance, so that unpleasant surprises can be avoided. If a homeowner plans to sell their home, a new home building inspector may provide them with an opportunity to make repairs that will improve the sale of their house.

    Q - Do I need to be present at the time of the inspection?

    A – Although you are not required to be present, we highly recommend it to understand how the inspection process works and what tools are used. Ask specific questions about the home’s condition and any defects identified. 

    Additionally, the lead inspector conducting new house inspections will give you a detailed walk-through of their findings at the end of the assessment, so you can relate to the findings better when you receive the report. 

    Because inspections require concentration, careful observation, and adhering to specific timelines, the inspector may not be able to respond to all customer questions or concerns. But, on the other hand, we might miss our next client deadline if we don’t!

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