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Last modified on May 29th, 2023

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We all know that buying a residential property is a big deal. Thus, all of us want it to be in the perfect condition. It is not possible for everyone to discover or detect the problem related to the property or to find the pest infestation after purchasing the property. This will further lead to excessive wastage of money and time. However, if you choose the professionals from Casey Building Inspections, you can avail the best pre-purchase building and pest inspection. The experts working in this agency provide thorough property and pest inspections in Melbourne. The team helps in avoiding pitfalls and provide peace of mind.

Why choose us?

The building or home inspection services offered by Casey Building Inspections help in the best inspection for your residential property. The team here is able to find out the hidden problems related to your property or any source of pest that may cause serious problem to your property in the future. Extensive engineering experience along with independent building or home inspection guarantees that your property is checked by professionals and provides the result that you are looking for.

Same-Day Inspection Reports

We provide the inspections and provide the reports to the customers within the same day. The inspection is done on-site, and the team provides the necessary instructions to keep the property clean and infestation-free. We also provide follow-up consultations free to the customers.

Services We Offer

In addition to the independent pre-purchase home or property inspections in Melbourne, Casey Building Inspections can also provide you with:

  •    Termite inspections
  •    Pre-purchase inspections
  •    Handover reports
  •    Special-purpose reports
  •    Vendor inspections

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