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Termites are those sneaky creatures that live in your home and, despite being tiny, can do a huge amount of damage to timber structures. Often, they hide so well that you don’t know they’re there until the damage is already done.

Usually, you need someone that knows where to look to eradicate termites before they get to work destroying your timber. Here’s our advice on spotting termites and getting rid of them to significantly minimise the damage they can do.

The Early Warning Signs

Interestingly, studies show that termites evolved from cockroach ancestors during Triassic or Jurassic times – and no one wants either of these bugs to live within their home structure. The pests feed on cellulose, the organic fibrous material found in wood and plants, so they can pretty much eat your house if they’re given enough time! That’s why it’s best to get rid of them fast.

They can choose to infest your house through the ground or by air. Here are some signs of infestations you might want to look out for:

  • Termite swarms near your home – if you notice any termite swarms close to your home, then it’s likely that termite colonies are also living in your home
  • Discarded wings – Termite swarmers shed their wings regularly and when they do, they’re on the hunt for a place to build new nests. Look out for discarded wings
  • Termite mud tubes – Termites can make small tunnels from soil or dirt that connect them to food sources
  • Holes ­- Visible holes in wood (usually the size of a nail) are a tell-tale sign that you have termites. The same goes for cracks and fissures, so keep an eye out for these
  • Termite droppings – Termite droppings actually look like wood sawdust and you might find them on your floor

Getting Rid of Termites

There are some treatments on the market for getting rid of termites, including liquid termite barriers, direct chemical treatments and poison baits. Such treatments may seem a little radical, and using unknown chemical treatments around the home can cause risks to small children and pets.

You can use a professional pest control service for complete confidence when tackling termite infestations. While home treatments are usually only a temporary fix, professional pest control companies can get rid of these pests completely.

Homeowners can avoid costly damage by calling in Casey Building Inspectors – one of the leading inspectors for termites in Australia.

We’re fully-trained and experienced in the field, and we use the latest methods and tools to check your home for pests. We can inspect your home before you even notice signs of termite infestation, as we know how to spot the signs that you might miss.

Give us a call on 0488 339 686 to arrange a quote.


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