What Is a Dilapidation Report And Why Would I Need One?

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Change and growth in any neighbourhood is the mark of a thriving community. New growth is often marked by the arrival of construction teams preparing to develop or build new property for commercial or residential claim. For most people, growth and development in your street is a good thing, but what happens if you suspect that work about to take place on a property close to yours may damage the integrity of your dwelling? It’s a scenario that sometimes ends in conflict, but a dilapidation report can resolve a number of woeful situations.

Dilapidation reports are an analysis of the current condition of Property A before construction goes ahead on another Property B, which is within the immediate vicinity of Property A. A dilapidation report minimises potential conflict between the main parties affected, and is a necessary precaution for property owners concerned about the event of damage being inadvertently done to their assets.

Before a construction team can get to work on any new developments in an existing property, they need to make a record of the current condition of the building conditions before work begins.

Dilapidation reports are carried out by a professional provider who specialises in building inspections. Usually, the property owner will seek out a dilapidation report so that documentation can allow work to progress. A dilapidation report usually takes place in 2 separate stages:

  1. Prior to any work on a property taking place, a report is filed on the structure and integrity of a property.
  2. After the work is completed, another report is conducted that analyses whether any property damage has occurred.

Dilapidation reports are effective ways for builders and developers to progress work without dispute.  Making the effort to have a dilapidation report conducted can shed light on any undetected damage as well as confirm expected problems with authority.

Particularly in the case of heavy construction, carrying out a dilapidation report is essential. Removal of high volumes of earth, demolishment of existing structures and the stress of heavy machinery can all make a significant impact on the integrity of a property.

Casey Building Inspections engage with a number of clients who require third-party assessment of properties potentially affected by construction work.  We carry out thorough, trusted dilapidation reports. For more information about the range of services we provide, contact our team of professionals today, on 0488 339 686.


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