What Lurks Within Your Building? We’ll Find It!

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Getting the price you want for the house you’re selling is far more likely if that house looks like it’s well worth the asking price. 

If you’re selling up and tempted to cut some corners, let this be a warning to you: structural integrity in a home must never, ever be compromised. Say it loud and clear folks, even though the costs of selling up can seem overwhelming, it is absolutely well worth your attention in the long run- especially considering that one patch up job likely leads to another- and you get a general idea… it’s never a good sign for a building inspector to see duct tape or cover-ups when they carry out an assessment.

We often see patch up jobs that would never stand up to the tasks they’ve been asked to perform. Some of our (not) favourites include:

SubFloor Horrors

What lurks beneath your home may be between you and the soil while you’re living there, but it’s essential that a building inspection ensures the structural support of your home is solid and reliable before it is sold to someone who is none the wiser. Sometimes when we go below to investigate the subflooring, we are pleasantly surprised by well-maintained supports- other times, let’s just say we can be shocked. We can’t sign off on makeshift supports, and no self-respecting assessor would- put subflooring at the top of your list of things to resolve!

Mould Combovers

Don’t try to cover up toxic mould growth with a crafty paint job – you’re only wasting time and money by not resolving it properly. Our methods of identifying and tracking mould growth are there in order to keep individuals and families that may buy your home safe, so don’t let anyone down with a rushed cover up- get onto it before it becomes a huge problem!

Pesky Pest Cover-ups

There’s no hiding termite damage. These insidious little creeps may have broken your heart, but you can’t just pretend they were never there. When you’re committed to getting the best price possible for a home, you must also be committed to making it the best possible house it can be to buy. Avoiding the reality of termites will make sawdust of your dreams, not only is it unfair, it’s not worth it.

Casey Building Inspections are proud to offer residential building inspections in Melbourne and beyond. We know it’s a huge project to sell a house and we want to make the process as easy and as straightforward as possible. If you’d like to see your house receive a price that’s reflective of great structural integrity, call us for more information about the services we provide today. 


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