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Just completed a pre purchase building inspection on a recently renovated  house in Narre Warren, and upon first appearance appeared to have been well maintained. Upon closer inspection it soon became apparent that this house had been prepared for a quick sale. We see this quite often where a home buyer is looking at a house advertised as being as neat as a pin.


Often it can be difficult to see and what lies behind that freshly painted surface. With our experience gained through inspecting all types of homes throughout Melbourne, we are easily able to spot a fake. Whilst these defects may not be expensive to fix on their own the costs can quickly mount up when a number of hidden defects will require repair.

The Contract wording for the contract of sale is “major structural defect or live termites”, we always suggest that this be changed to a “satisfactory building and timber pest inspection”.

Better still you can have the inspections carried out prior to making an offer on the property, in this case you can walk away if you feel there are too many problems with the property or use the details in the report to help negotiate a better price, All for the relatively minor cost of a building inspection.

A recent Inspection conducted on a house in Narre Warren revealed a large number of minor defects that when tallied up was a quite substantial amount that the purchaser had not accounted for, had the appropriate wording been used in the contract or the inspection carried out prior to signing the buyer could have walked away saving thousands.

Every home has minor defects even mine and these are not always expensive to repair, some will remain minor for the life of the home whilst others can continue to grow and the true extent can remain hidden behind wall cavities and linings.

Need to organise a pre purchase property inspection? contact us at Casey Building Inspections it may just be the best call you ever make.

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