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 Site drainage is an important factor in the long term preservation of any building. Poor drainage has the potential to cause major structural issues if not addressed. Footings are designed to withstand the design loads of the building and contents , which is never normally a problem however it is the soil structure upon which the footing design is based on which is usually the limiting factor in providing adequate support to the building. Any breakdown of the soil strength can and does cause major issues with the integrity of the buildings.

poor site drainage

Thhis photograph was taken during a recent Handover Inspection in Frankston where there was in sufficient drainage from a retaining wall allowing the excess water to pool around this footing. There is also a section of the membrane and wall missing that has been filled with foam, in an attempt to fill the hole. Water is entering the interior rooms via this void.

Casey building inspections during our pre purchase building inspections asses the adequacy of the site drainage, there are many issues that can arise over time or that may be present or may contribute to subsidence within footings and foundations that would not be easily detectable to the untrained eye.

The Subfloor is often overlooked and many inspectors will not enter these areas conducting only an inspection from the entry door, in doing so vital information regarding the ongoing performance of the footings may be missed resulting in costly repairs. As part of our service we can also provide recommendations as to any improvements that can be made to avoid further issues.

 This photo of a recent building inspection in Frankston revealed groundwater pooling in the subfloor

Water Pooling from groundwater in this recent building inspection of this Frankston home

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