Top 10 Home Inspection Nightmares – Don’t Fall Victim

Home 9 Building Defects 9 Top 10 Home Inspection Nightmares – Don’t Fall Victim

Our Building inspectors often come across major building defects from do it your self home renovators and dodgy contractors, some of these can have  can have a lasting effect on the quality of your home and some can cause major structural defects others are major safety hazards. So sit back relax and take a look at some of the amazing discoveries we have made during our  travels conducting building and pest inspections.

1. Support Bearer Joint Failure

We all need a little support Bearer joints need some support measure twice cut once.

building inspection support bearing mistakes

2. Home Drainage Issues

Underground Pools are great but having one in the subfloor is not the best idea,

under house leak damage

3. Building Mistakes During Construction

Where does the pipe go. Building mistakes during construction are common. This pipe has been re located and the void filled with foam, This explains the indoor pool in the basement.

home inspection example of dodgy building moving plumbing

4. DIY Floor Levelling Failure

Uneven floors are generally caused by some settlement in the piers and can be re-stumped or packers added to re level the floor. After all this effort the floor was still out of level.


5. DIY Plumbing Gone Wrong

Need new plumbing? Ok lets just smash out this brick pier and put the pipe through there.

house inspection brick damage

6. DIY TV Antenna Installation Nightmare

Leaking Roofs, This tv antenna was causing the roof to leak. Whats the solution, Simply wrap a piece of rag around it that will do the trick good as new.

builders inspection bad tv antenna roof leak

7. DIY Under House Excavation, Wrong!

Need an extra bit of room. Thats easy just dig out all the dirt under the house.


8. DIY Sagging Roof No No…

Here’s a quick fix all you need is a bit of wire and a timber prop, nobody will look up there.


9. DIY Down Pipe Failure

Easy fix for blocked down pipes, just drill big holes in the gutters

leaking gutter2

10. Oven Hood Exhaust Cheat

New Home building  inspections are always full of surprises. This range hood looks ok every thing is working lights fan etc. There is one small problem …..

oven vent looks good from the outside-min

Where does the rang hood exhaust go ??

home inspection not correctly fitting the oven vent

Don’t fall victim to these home building nightmares

Buying a home with these mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars. Before purchasing a new or old home, make sure you book a home inspection with a professional certified House Inspector.


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