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Never ignore the signs of mould in any home, especially one you’re considering purchasing. While it is true that in a lot of cases, mould is treatable, it can also point to complicated and potentially expensive problems in a home you might otherwise really want to buy. If you’re not sure, make Casey Home Inspections your first choice in hosting a full home inspection.

So why is mould so dangerous?

Mould is a natural organic growth that occurs pretty much everywhere across the globe. Very simply, it is a type of fungus that lives on dead organic material. There are three things mould requires in order to keep it alive:

  • Moisture
  • Food
  • And favourable temperatures.

If the conditions are right and the above trifecta is available, you’re almost guaranteed to have a potential mould problem. And in the event that you’ve found a home where mould exists, remember that it is only there because the ongoing conditions have been allowed it to thrive. Mould can be extremely difficult to remove, and is almost impossible to eradicate on some surfaces.

The reason mould is so problematic, is because it poses such a health risk to those exposed to it. It costs the health system more and more every year.

Mould has a fairly sinister reputation. When it is left untreated in a home, or if it allowed to exist without being detected, it can cause a number of extremely debilitating problems. Mould exposure has been reported to be responsible for the following and much more:

Head and body aches,
Asthmatic reactions
Aching or swollen joints,
Recurring respiratory and yeast infections,
Nausea and fatigue,
Loss of general alertness and decrease in libido

Occupants who move out of a home often report an immediate improvement in long term, otherwise unexplainable conditions. Sadly, it is often the case that a mould problem is located as the cause of much illness when extended periods of time have passed and life quality has significantly been diminished by illness.

If you suspect the growth of mould in any home you’re considering as a purchase, we suggest extreme caution and a full inspection of that building before you sign any binding documents.

Casey Building Inspections are proud to offer trusted advice to our Melbourne clients. For more information, or to speak to a member of our friendly team, call us on 0488 339 686 today.


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