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Pre purchase building inspections carried out by  Casey Building Inspections include a check of the  subfloor timbers. Anyone working in the building and construction industry will be well versed in floor joists and the function they serve, but for the layperson, not much may be known about the subject. This blog post is designed to shed some light on how these vital parts of a building work and why it is important for any prospective property buyer to know what to look for in a house that has substandard floor joists.

The Anatomy of a Floor Joist

Floor joists are horizontal supporting members that sit on top of bearers and run between foundations, walls or beams in order to provide support for the ceiling and floor. Usually, a joist will be the cross section for the floorboards and can come in single sets (single framed floor) or in two sets (double framed floor). Floor joists are most commonly made out of timber and need to be made large enough to bear an anticipated load for a lengthy period of time.

How Can Floor Joists Affect a Property?

Problematic floor joists can have quite a negative impact on a house. They can cause the floor to sag, making it difficult for any furniture to sit evenly without an annoying wobble (the same one that causes your morning coffee to spill over the side of the cup). In addition, they can be the reason for unsightly gaps appearing between floor boards.

Fortunately, there are some steps that can be taken to remedy floor joists that don’t function correctly. The least expensive is a process called sistering, which involves strengthening the existing joint with additional pieces of timber. Another method – although drastic and more expensive – is to jack up the house and replace the joists altogether.

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

If you notice that the property you are looking at purchasing has a sagging floor, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to conduct a thorough pre-purchase inspection. When you book a property inspection with Casey Building Inspections, you’ll receive a detailed list of any defects that are found, including problems with floor joists. Don’t get caught out by faulty floor joists – contact Casey Building Inspections today to arrange a pre-purchase inspection.





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